Black 'Meridian' Socks

In their original packaging.

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Year of production:
1940 - 1942
J.B.Lewis & Sons Ltd
Haydn Road
wool, linen
Length 36cm, foot length 26.7cm
Nottingham, wool, linen

Man's black wool and linen circular knitted socks in their original box. The socks have deep cuffs edged with two lines of blue rayon and are mostly in 3:1 rib. They are stamped in green on the soles 'Meridian, Linsply Regd, Pure Linen Splicing, Two-Fold Botany Wool, Made in England' and in white on the toe 'Wartime Weight'.

The socks also have labels printed in orange, brown and red with 'Meridian, Linsply Socks, Two-fold Botany Wool, Pure Linen Splicing, Made in England, No.88, 9" to 11 1/2", 20/6 1/2 doz.boxes, 12" 1/5 per dozen extra, Prices subject to variation owing to war conditions, J.B.Lewis & Sons Ltd, Nottingham'. The box is covered in brown paper with a label printed in brown, orange and grey.

ID Number: NCM 1994-556

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