Silk Embroidery

Trimming cut from an evening dress of about 1827 when this bright yellow, known as 'Bird of Paradise yellow' was fashionable.

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Hosiery Sample Scales

Hosiery sample balance, used in stock room at Moore Eady Ltd, Marleaton St, Derby.

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Child's Jumper

Child's long sleeved jumper, in Orlon acrylic fibre. Made by T W Kempton Ltd of Leicester.

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This website celebrates the historical East Midlands knitting industry and has been made possible by a grant from the New Opportunities Fund. The grant was awarded to Leicester Arts & Museums Service and its partners across the region.

The Knitting Together project has digitised objects from various museum collections in the East Midlands and this website now brings the results of that work together. You can see a wide range of historical objects in our virtual museum, see photographs and videos of knitting processes and as read about the fascinating history of the industry since the sixteenth century.

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Virtual Museum

The Knitting Together Project has worked with museums and individuals from across the East Midlands to bring together an archive of knitting related objects and interactive features.

The Industry and Me

Personal experiences of people who worked in the knitting industry, told through photos and oral histories.

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Information about this website, places to visit related to the East Midlands knitting industry and other sources of information.