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Q: Your pay at this time? Would you have gone on to piece rate then?

A: What in 1938? Yes the... all the industry was virtually piece rate, that sector of the industry.

Q: Was this piece rate or wage cos some hosiery manufactur....

A: No.. we were paid by.. we were paid by the dozen. Er..so many shillings and pence for a dozen pairs of stockin's twenty four stockin' legs.

Q: What would the piece rate actually be?

A: Ooh I can't remember the piece rates er.. I remember very well what the wages were and they were quite high for that time. Remember stretchin' anywhere between £7 and £14 a week which was er..well above er..national average.

Q: About twice what a miner would get I suppose?

A: Ooh I would say that summa' the er..full fashioned hose knitters on the most modern productive type of machines at that time, I'm talkin' about 1937, 38 would perhaps er.. be.. earnin' three times.. four times a..a miner's wage.


Source: Nottingham Central Library Local History Section (Recording A19/a-b/1)