Duration 2 minutes 45 seconds


Q: So when you started full time knitting when would you start in the morning?

A: Well 'round about half past seven.

Q: And how long would the day be?

A: Till about 6 o' clock.

Q: You couldn't describe a full day to me could you? I mean what would you do when the day started off?

A: Well I should have to perhaps wind for a start, wind the wool or elastic for the elastic stockings and then I used to had to gerrin frame for a bit when me grandfather could watch me.

Q: So somebody always supervised you did they?

A: Yes.

Q: And when you started full time what would you be paid, would you be on a wage then?

A: No, no I weren't, it was whatever me grandfather decided to give me that were it.

Q: So you wouldn't get the piece rate then?

A: No, no.

Q: What other jobs did you do, didn't you go and collect yarn as well?

A: No, no well he used to have to go to whatsaname ...Haywoods in Castle Gate to fetch me granddad's work and bring materials back and I used to have to go on Bartons bus.

Q: When did you first get a frame of your own, when did you start doing that full time and getting a wage?

A: Well I should say it'd be round about 1916.

Q: And how old would you be then 13 or 14?

A: Yes 13.

Q: So from then on did you knit all day?

A: Yes, yes, knitting or winding.

Q: And what sort of things would you knit?

A: Well shawls, scarves.

Q: And surgical stockings as well?

A: Yes that's right.

Q: Were you working for Hurts at this time?

A: Working for Hurts and me grandfather were working and I used to do some of that for Haywoods in Castle Gate.

Q: What about, I've heard that people had to pay frame rent on the frames?

A: Oh yes, yes they did.

Q: Who did you pay it to?

A: Me grandfather'd pay it to Hurts.

Q: Oh so the machines were Hurts' machines were they?

A: Yes, yes.

Q: So had Hurts always had ......?

A: But not the elastic machines, cos we made elastic stockings and that, they belonged to as I've told you, Haywoods in Castle Gate.

Q: I see. You don't remember how much frame rents were?

A: No, no my duck.

Q: Would the frame rent be deducted from ....?

A: Your wages, yes.


Source: Nottingham Central Library Local History Section (Recording A42/a/1)