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A: I didn't go to factory or anything like that. I used to do clocks on stockings. I used to go to Whitwick to fetch them and me and me sister used to do these clocks on Stockings. We didn't go to factory, no, no.

Q: You did it at home?

A: We did it at home.

Q: That's like embroidery.

A: Yes, embroidery, on stockings, yes.

Q: Can you remember how much you got paid?

A: Oh, not much. Used to pay so much a dozen, you know, according how many you did. Not much.

Q: And did you work at that all day at home?

A: Yes, worked all day at home, yes.

Q: Can you remember any, what the patterns were like?

A: Oh they were lovely. You used to start you know and do along 'ere and then work right up to the top and do pretty flowers on the top.

Q: Were they just one colour?

A: No, different colours, different colours.

Q: Would they be the kind of stockings that you would be able to buy yourself.

A: No (laughs) no, er, you used to do them, a, a man used to fetch them from Leicester then he used to pack them up an' then we used to fetch them on a bicycle. We used to have to go on a bicycle of course, and put it, er, er, at back, you know and fetch them from Whitwick.


Source: East Midlands Oral History Archive