Black Lace Piece

Embroidered by machine to imitate handmade lace.

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Year of production:
8.3cm by 11.5 cm
silk, Nottingham

Called 'double pressed point net' this net had the appearance of hand made net and was much firmer than 'single pressed point net'. It was invented in about 1784. Both sorts of net were embroidered by machine to imitate handmade lace.

This piece was part of a large collection of machine-made lace which was sent to the Vienna Exhibition of 1873. It had a hand written label: "Very Early Black Narow Laces called Double pressed point lace, made by the introduction of a point bar to the stocking frame after the system adopted by Jedediah Strutt of Derby to his 'Derby Ribs' and patented by him in 1758.

In 1773 Flint of Nottingham made the first point net but it being a loose net, was not generally applied until the year 1784 or 1786 when Double Pressed or Fast net was first made. This continued in great favour with the public until superseded by the 'Bobbin Net'.

ID Number: NCM 1878-252/46

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