A list of companies, carrier and pick-up destinations in and related to Hinckley.

Carriers in 1900

The Hinckley Year Book for 1900 gives:

at No. 38, Lower Bond Street (100m from the Hinckley & District Museum at the corner with Trinity Lane) Soloman Edwards, Carrier

White's Leicestershire and Rutland Directory 1900 gives: Earl Shilton Carriers:

Samuel Bown to Leicester on Saturdays

Walter Marvin to Leicester, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

George Wain to Hinckley on Mondays

John James Wildur to Hinckley on Mondays and to Leicester on Wednesdays & Saturdays

W. Gilbert's horse and trap to and from Elmesthorpe station on notice given.


William Grewcock and Peberdy Thomas, carriers


A carrier remembers some of his “pick-ups”

In Earl Shilton

Birds & Yeomans, Hinckley Road
Eatoughs, New Street
King, Marvin Bros, New Street
Geo. Watts, New Street
Nicholls & Wileman, The Hollow
A.C.Minard, High Street
A. Bradbury, High Street
W.H.Cotton, Equity Road
J. Toon, The Hollow

In Burbage

Robinson Bros. (later Barber & Nicholls)Lutterworth Road
Moore, Eady & Murcott Goode, Coventry Road
Supreme Hosiery
Chamberlain & Co.
Burbage Hosiery Co.
Fitwell Hosiery Co.
Reliance Hosiery Co.
Iway Hosiery
A. Harding & Co.
Burbage Boot Co.

In Hinckley

C. Toone & Co. Westfield Road
H. Flude & Co. Rugby Road
Jas. Bennett & Sons, Rugby Road
C.Simpson & Co, Rugby Road
W. Oldham & Co. Willowbrook Road
Huckerby & Growdridge, Hawley Road
John Ghent & Co., Hawley Road
Elite Hosiery, Hawley Road
Hood & Mason, Hawley Road
Hinckley Knitting Co. Hawley Road
Bennett Bros H.M.& D. Southfield Road
G. Robinson Footwear, Parsons Lane
Manchester Hosiery, Queens Road
Grimley's, Thornycroft Road
Francis & Wilbur, Hill Street
W.A.Rivett, London Road
Ginns Son & Moore, Wood Street
Andrew Payne Footwear, Wood Street
Flason Hosiery, Wood Street
W. T.Parsons, Wood Street
A. Davenport & Sons Wood Street
S. Davis. New Buildings
Sunbro Hosiery, New Buildings
J. Wright & Son, Leicester Road
Herbert Pratt, Derby Road
John Gent & C. John Street
Oliver Hearne, Mill View
Israel & Oppenheimer, John Street
Hinco.John Street Fine Gauge Hosiery, John Street
Davenport Hosiery, John Street
S. Mayne, John Street
Wilbur, New Street
S.& W.Jennings, Spencer Street
Hill Jones, Spencer Street
W. Moore & Osborne, Albert Road
W. Puffer, Druid Street
Blower & Turner Shoes, Druid Street
S. Brocklehurst, Upper Bond Street
J.V.Finn Upper Bond Street
T. Jennings & Sons, Upper Bond Street
Atkins Bros., Lower Bond Street & Regent Street
W. Orill, Stockwell Head
Percy Taylor, Lancaster Road & Marchant Road
Silkhose, Brunel Road
Bilson & Johnson, Brunel Road
Simkins (Underwear), Trinity Lane
A. & R.Bedford, Trinity Lane
Geo. Bott & Sons, Trinity Lane
A. Bolesworth, Mill Hill
Stevens, Harris & Clay, Manor Street
Ridley Spriggs & Johnson, Factory Road
J. Harris & Co. Factory Road
Beasley Smith & Co, Factory Road
Swan Pratt, Factory Road
B.A.Riley, Holliers Walk
G. R. Bodycote, Holliers Walk
Toledo Knitwear, Station Road
Osborne & Copeland, Station Road
Sunnydale Hosiery, Sunnydale Road
Frank Parrott, Trinity lane
Abbott Hosiery, Upper Bond Street
Moore Eady & Murcott Goode, Stockwell Head
L. Grewcock, Stockwell Head
Peach's Hosiery, Stockwell Head


Some of the "lorry drops"

In London:

Bradbury Greatorex
Cook Son & Co.
Martin H. Fisher
Fore Street Warehouse
Hine Parker & Co.
I.& R. Morley
Pawson & Leafs
Spencer Turner

In Manchester:

John Rylands & Co.,
Sparrow Hardwick & Co.
S. & J. Watts & Co.

In Birmingham:

Bell & Nicolson
S. C. Larkins
Wilkinson & Riddell
Richard Lunt


Local transport firms serving the Hinckley area

E.E.Bees (later Bees Transport), London Road
W. Bass & Son, Trinity Lane
J.J. Edwards, Regent Street
Fray Bros, Trinity Lane
J.T.King, Hill Street
Walter King, Burbage
Bailey & Mason, Sapcote Road (who also provided an Express Night Service for Sketchley)
C.Swan & Son, Burbage
G. W. Woodward, Barwell
W.Ward, Barwell
D.W. Crowfoot (later Crowfoot Carriers), Earl Shilton
W. Bailey, Earl Shilton
W. & A.Higgs, Earl Shilton
Charles Watson served Nottingham, Daybrook & Belper


Companies in the Hinckley area in 1900

Taken from the Hinckley Year Book 1900 and White’s Leicestershire and Rutland Directory 1900

In Hinckley

M.Spencer & Son, Alma Road 
Atkins, 15, Lower Bond Street 
John Payne, 50, Upper Bond Street 
Simpkin Son & Smith, 6. Upper Bond Street 
Brocklehurst & Co., 91-93, Upper Bond Street 
Dewis & Co., 37, Derby Road 
G. Lord 
G. Bedford 
Orill & Jackson, 39-41, Druid Street 
Toon Bros, 52, Druid Street 
D. Payne & Sons, 34, Factory Road 
Wood & Wheatley, 20, Factory Road 
Hutt & Jennings, 12, John Street 
Mason & Co., 3, Leicester Road 
Jennings Wills & Herbert, 22, Queen Street 
W. Hurst 7 Co., 43, Regent Street 
Moore & Goode, 36, Stockwell Head 
J. H. Clay & Co., 58, Stockwell Head 
William Hurst, Trinity Lane 
Geo. Bott & Son, Trinity Lane 
Pratt; Copeland & Co., Wood Street 
Foxwells Clothing Factory, corner Lawns/Castle Street 
W. Marchant, Dye Works, Brick Kiln Street 
Sketchley Dye Works, Rugby Road 
L. Tansey, Needlemaker, 52, Druid Street

In Barwell

James Green, Bag Hosier William Hincks, Bag Hosier

In Burbage

James Hearth, Hosiery Manufacturer, also factories at Leicester and Market Harborough
Moore Eady &Co., also factories in Leicester
James Kirby, shirtmaker

In Earl Shilton

Isaac Chesterton also Glove Manufacturers
Wm. Hurst also at Hinckley
Joseph Lawrence
Thomas Linney also Glove Manufacturers
Pratt & Harrold
Toon & Sons (Alfred, Colver & James)